Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Plagiarist 001

The Plagiarist is jam-packed with words -- sage words, wise words, famous words...and stolen words!

Each of the clues, A to H, is a famous quotation from which one key word has been stolen. Your job is to discover the stolen word then transfer the individual letters into the grid. A mystery quotation, another one, will be revealed! The author of this mystery quotation will have his or her name spelled out by the first letters of your answers.

Some quotations you'll know, others you'll have to guess, and others still you'll have to discover by working back and forwards between the grid and the clues!

This month's THE PLAGIARIST rated: WICKED

To print this puzzle:
1. Click on the image to view the html document.
2. Right-click on the html page and choose SAVE PICTURE AS..
3. Temporarily save the document to your desktop as a PNG image or bitmap image.
4. Ensure the document fits to one A4 page before printing.

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woody allen said...

Did I say that? I don't remember saying that. Perhaps I am suffering from memory loss. It must be a condition because I'm starting to not remember other things now.