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17 April 2015  Is it really over four years since I've posted to this blog?  Well, thank you to a new reader, Margery, for pointing out an error in our "Cross-stitch 012" puzzle, "FULL OF TONGUES".  The slight error has been corrected (clue N now reads, "Petition" rather than the previous, erroneous, "Petitions").  Apologies to puzzlers who were put out by this slight but potentially hugely misleading error!

4 February 2011 We've just discovered how to convert our piles of .pdf puzzle documents into formats accepted by Blogger which means you can get ready for an onslaught of new Gridless puzzles. Some of our .pdf files show puzzles that we've already published to this blog but with the .pdf files' beautiful layout and formatting - often with illustrations - it will be worthwhile converting them in publishable .jpeg or .gif file formats for display here on Blogger. If none of this makes any sense to you, don't worry - we barely understand it either. In any case, look forward to new and new-look puzzles!

31 July 2009 Gridless is having one of those months. We are moving apartment, we are changing our day jobs. On top of that -- and right in the middle of all that -- we are flying to Perth for reunions with friends...So our great new puzzles won't be posted until next month. We have a new Gridless, new Cross-stitch puzzle...lots of new stuff. We just don't have time!

30 June 2009 Many newspapers feature a nine-letter word puzzle but at Gridless, our "Nine Letters" puzzle, like all our puzzles, is a little bit different. It features either a "second step" or, in the event of an obscure or uncommon nine letter word answer, an extra clue to help our punters. At Gridless, we endeavour to put a twist in all our puzzles, making them different from the rest!

"Nine Letters" originally appeared in our "Odds and Ends" category but will now feature regularly as its own, single standing puzzle type. Just look to the puzzle archives to find it and good luck finding that elusive nine-letter word!

8 April 2009 A reader pointed out to us that our REGULAR X 002 puzzle, "Gravity!", contained an error. This has been corrected and the puzzle has been re-posted in what we hope is its error-free form. While we were at it, we took a moment to make the puzzle look better and we even improved a couple of the clues.

19 February 2009 Cross-stitch puzzles have improved! I've tweaked the publication process and can now produce Cross-stitch puzzles with bigger grid squares, larger text, and easier-to-read clues and references. Compare early editions of Cross-stitch with those numbered 10 and greater (to be published from next month). And let me know what you think!

Given time, I may even head back and update some of my older Cross-stitch posts.

18 February 2009 I've decided to keep a running list of newsflashes for my readers. Keep abreast of changes at Gridless by clicking the NEWSFLASH link. It'll always be available at the top of the PUZZLE ARCHIVE.

I've included some back entries.

27 December 2008 Gridless has unveiled its latest mind-bending puzzle creation: WORD BANK!

Word Bank puzzles will be appearing regularly on the blog starting tomorrow! Let me know what you think. I enjoy creating them. I hope you enjoy grappling with them.

19 February 2008 Gridless has gone international! Today, for the first time, a Gridless puzzle was published by Smart-Kit, an American-based website devoted to all things puzzling. Alright, so it was published to the internet...but I am counting it as a successful global expansion!

Meanwhile, my Gridless puzzles continue to be published in a puzzle publication. Six times a year!

I am very proud of my small successes so soon!

14 May 2007 Gridless has achieved its first success! My series of Gridless puzzles will be appearing in a puzzle magazine that is published in Australia, the UK, NZ and I think even Canada. First issue out in June/July.

1 April 2007 I've been tinkering with other puzzle ideas and have posted some on the blog. I am pleased to have had my puzzle blog recognised over at A small review has appeared of my first puzzle.

1 March 2007 I've published a second puzzle, "Gridless 002 - Orders". I intend to publish one such puzzle once a month and hopefully on the first of each month. I've changed the name of these puzzles from "Categorix" to "Gridless". And the site, while originally called "Gridless Crosswords," is now simply "Gridless".

1 February 2007 "Gridless Crosswords" is born with the publication to this blog of my first puzzle, "Categorix 001 - Directions". It is a puzzle I made while I was at home looking after my terminally-ill father.

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